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Welcome to Gevacation!

For over two decades, my wife and I have dedicated our lives to caring for people in the hospital world, ensuring their well-being and comfort. Now, we’ve extended that same heartfelt commitment to our guests during their travels. Our mission is to provide you with a warm and inviting home away from home, where your comfort and happiness are our top priorities. Just as we’ve cared for patients, we’re here to care for you, making your stay with us a memorable and rejuvenating experience.

Thank you for choosing Gevacation, where hospitality meets heart.

Orlando Properties

Our guests simply love our comfortable, redesign centrally located properties. Almost every single guest expresses how nice the properties are but also how close they are to everything from Them Park, Shopping to Restaurant. The guest express that we provide an attractive, clean safe, affordable properties.

Tennessee Properties

Welcome to the Cub Cabin by the Smoky National Park. This is what the guest are saying: it’s the best place to stay. 
It’s located close to all attraction but secluded off the main road in a quiet serene space.

Guest expresses how beautiful and comfortable is the cabin. How they love all the extra amenities and the interior design of the place.